Our company builds its own models that originate from its own distinguish designs, builds and implements its models.

Adopting deep V on the bow, with ventilated step technology, double chine and convex construction, TROPIDA's hulls manage to be extremely soft in difficult times, steady while always aligned and keeping the deck and passengers dry under all conditions.

Sophisticated design, harmonic lines and aerodynamic shapes make up beautiful aesthetic deck that will last for many years.

A basic requirement for an offshore and high-performance boat is that passengers should sit properly, with good support to ensure safety and comfort, while at the same time they must feel ON board rather than over the boat. At the same time there must be the appropriate comforts when the boat is stopped, for the needs of a comfortable stay in it. That’s why in our boats you will find large storage areas, sunbathing areas, plenty of free space, large water and gasoline tank , refrigerator, toilet, USB for charging mobile, shower and other comforts that make it pleasant and comfortable to stay on it. These parameters are taken seriously in the design of our vessels.

We use hi-teck materials for the construction of our ribs, such as TRIAXIAL FIBER, ISOPTHALIC POLYESTER RESIN, & VINYLESTER resin. Beams and barriers are built into a single piece without wood, giving an excellent rigid and time-resistant construction.

Our hydrodynamics hulls manage to have small resistances, thanks to their ventilated steps and their special convex shape that gives them very high performance (over 70 knots) and outstanding economy at the same time. Also they can move very comfortable at low speeds when weather conditions impose Double bow STEPS limit the annoying slowdown in the passage of waves (especially on the tread) while the antidive system significantly reduce any possibility of nailing. The double vented steps make the craft move on a layer of water and air , reducing the resistances.

In the open-sea races we were used two nested flaps that functioned as a stop to prevent the nail hump. Then we applied this UNIQUE AND INITIAL INNOVATION TO OUR HULLS by fitting the antidive into the hull body in such a position to act only when we have reached extreme points. When it works, the antidive will hit. But it is preferable to hit rather than bow nails. Especially in tourist use.

In cooperation with leading worldwide brands in parts and accessories, we equip our boats with high quality, aesthetic and ergonomic tools for great durability in the difficult conditions of the sea. In the dashboard we use carbon and leather for luxury and comfort. Silvertex marine fabrics for upholstery PENNEL FLIPO by ORCA for airtubes. Wooden flooring and decorative elements.

In collaboration with K4 +, TROPIDA develops hulls with innovative elements in sailing safety, economy, performance and comfort and is already preparing a new MEGARIB that will incorporate all this know-how. CERTIFICATIONS Our craft is in line with EU directives of CE class C and we are in the ISO 9001 & 14,000 certification process.

The TROPIDA boats are in compliance with EU directives of CE class C and the company is in the ISO 9001 /2015 certification BY BYREAU VERITAS

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