The challenge has always been to travel to the sea, comfortable and safe under any circumstances. Ribs are the most suitable vessels that's why are used as rescue boats. COSMIC 39 is a super rib that meets all the properties of an offshore Hi Performance Rib, combining comfort and luxury at the same time. 

Hundreds of hours of studies , design and laboratory tests were dedicated to the hull. The aim was to achieve top speed performances, low fuel consumption, smooth cruising even in rough conditions but at the same time, keep the passengers dry and safe, maintaining the remarkable width for his class to ensure a comfortable living.

These balances were quit difficult to be kept, so the well-known British Designer Adam Younger helped in the hull design. 

The Hull Design

Thw need to maintain uncompromising performance n smooth comfortable cruising , required the use of the three vented steps , so that the vessel floats on a layer of water and air, and i took a lot of study to determine the amount of air passing under the hull through the ventilation channels. Great importance was given to the shape and size of the chines to drive away the spray under every rough weather condition. 


The double chines

The bow steps

The antidive system

The arched shape of the deck 

The combination of semi-circular "D" type air tubes with the ordinary air tubes shape

The tubes hard cover

The ladder accomodation

The electric windlass in the stern and in the bow

The wet bar and the refrigirators

The electrically activated, electronically controlled servomotors Bimini

The comfy cabin,and indoor  wc (1,85 h)

The telescopic gangway in the bow

The TROPIDA boats are in compliance with EU directives of CE class C and the company is in the ISO 9001 /2015 certification BY BYREAU VERITAS

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