Νέα διάσταση παίρνει το SAITA Carbon Edition  με τον νέο κινητήρα της MERCURY V8. Το σκάφος ελέγχει με απόλυτο τρόπο την τεράστια ροπή του νέου οκτακύλινδρου κινητήρα και οι
TROPIDA and L Yachts which is a yacht brokering and chartering company, are pleased to announce their collaboration. L. Yachts  is from now on the exclusive dealer of TROPIDA's ribs, COSMIC39, SAITA, SAITA carbon edition , and TOY . 
RIB & SEA portal published the trophy of TROPIDA and Takis Samartzi by the INTERNATIONAL DESIGN ACADEMY with the IRON A'DESIGN AWARD PRIZE for the 12 m super rib COSMIC 39
RIB & SEA  and Jojeph Papadopoylos reported from A Marina Zeas about the event of  18o EAST MED YACHT SHOW 2019 embrasing our participation with SAITA 7,8. 
Takis Samartzis granted with the IRON A DESIGN AWARD  TROPHY from the A DESIGN AWARD & COMPETITION  by the INTERNATIONAL DESIGN ACADEY  for the design of 12 m rib COSMIC39 in the YACHT & MARINE VESSELS DESIGN CATEGORY .  Among hundrends of thousends participants, and challenging superyachts
                       GREAT INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION Takis Samartzis designer and owner of Greek Shipyard TROPIDA , was awarded the IRON A' DESIGN AWARD 2019 IN YACHT & MARINE VESSELS CATERGORY by INTERNATIONAL DESIGN ACADEMY This great prize is concerning the new COSMIC 39 , a 12
The Hellenic Professional Yacht Owners Association and the Organization Commitee of EAST MED YACHT SHOW cordially invites you to the  18th EAST MED YACHT SHOW 2019 which will take place from 10th till 13 of May 2019 at Marina Zeas-Pier A Piraeus. The EST MED YACHT SHOW has gained worldwide recognition
Τhe new tender is here. Tiny, 2,6m but has room for 3 . 
The renewable tableau is more conveniente and practical
At 31.12.2018 BUREAU VERITAS  certified our company TROPIDA with ISO 9001:2015 certification 
As is well known , TROPIDA designs and implements original designs of its vessels,signed by the owner Panagiotis (Takis) Samartzis. To secure the intellectual property of these designs, on 5.3.18 , we filed an application with OBI for registration of our SAITA & COSMIC 39 boat designs.At 3.10.2018
Step-ladders, are hulls that are divided into levels that are scaled by the steps and seen on the sides of their respective hatches. These levels, trap air under the hull by reducing the surfaces that come in direct contact with water, thus reducing friction without lowering the support surface, as
Από παλιά στους αγώνες χρησιμοποιούνταν δυο ένθετα πτερύγια που λειτουργούσαν σαν στοπ για να αποτρέψουν το κάρφωμα της γάστρας. Στη συνέχεια εφαρμόσαμε αυτήν την
The first thing we have to do is sit and do our passengers properly. The good captain must first ensure his crew and then sit down right (perhaps more correctly than anybody) in order to travel them with comfort and safety. Bench seats have no place on the high seaship. If we go fishing for a boat
The first rule is that there is no craft going out into the open sea or traveling without having a spare propeller with it. The propeller for the boat is that for the car the suspension, the tires and the scraper together. The propeller can destroy or highlight a boat. So consider how important it

The TROPIDA boats are in compliance with EU directives of CE class C and the company is in the ISO 9001 /2015 certification BY BYREAU VERITAS

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